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Keep your car running stronger, for longer.

Preventative care is key in extending the life of your engine. Learn the ins and outs on what it takes to maintain the health of your vehicle and keep it running at its peak.

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Private: Carbon Deposits Robbing Your Vehicle’s Performance?

Learn the science behind Gumout® Multi-System Tune-Up No matter how advanced the fuel, the harsh conditions of combustion in the fuel system inevitably results in carbon deposits. This lowers performance and fuel economy. To restore performance, the deposits must be removed. Gumout® Multi-System Tune-Up (MTSU) is the most efficient way to remove performance-robbing carbon deposits. […]


23 enero 2020 What causes rough idling? Engine technician changing spark plug for modify power and save fuel. What Causes Rough Idling?

A smooth-running car is every car owner’s dream. Fortunately, this dream is not unachievable. You too can live this dream if you keep regular care of your car. The moment you start procrastinating and slacking off with car maintenance a major breakdown is bound to happen. There are a few ways you can foretell an […]

20 enero 2019 speedometer How to Improve your Vehicle Fuel Efficiency

With gas prices continuing to rise, we know that maximizing gas mileage is high on every driver’s list of wants and needs for their vehicle. Here’s our top tips on improving fuel economy and getting the most bang for your buck at the pump. Inflate your tires properly Not only does having the correct tire […]

20 enero 2019 Checking Oil Stick 7 Tips to Make Your Car Last Longer

We all know maintaining your car is of upmost importance if you want it to last long. However, taking care of your vehicle doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Following these 7 easy tips will help extend the mechanical integrity of your car for several years to come. Check your tires regularly Besides immediately […]

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