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Better performance doesn’t start on a track. It starts in a lab. The internal combustion engine is a complex piece of machinery, and the performance additives that clean and maintain it need to react in specific ways to keep it performing properly. In short, when better science goes into a product, better performance comes out.

How fuel additives work in your engine


Fuel additives help eliminate damaging carbon deposits and fight corrosion from ethanol and water, restoring lost performance and extending engine life. How well fuel additives work depends on both the quality and quantity of the ingredients.


Decreased engine performance can be affected in a number of ways, from corrosion of metal parts to excess cylinder friction. And one of the most common causes is fuel itself. Even high-quality fuel leaves behind carbon deposits that build up on key engine parts, causing problems that range from reduced horsepower to poor fuel economy.


Gumout® fuel and oil additives are scientifically formulated using the strongest ingredients available, like P.E.A. (polyether-amine), a potent nitrogen-based detergent capable of cleaning engine parts in a way weaker detergents can't match. Gumout uses higher concentrations of active ingredients and rigorously tests every formula to meet tough performance and safety standards.


In science, results reign supreme. Formulas need to work consistently and in a variety of conditions to be considered successful. Gumout uses ASTM Industry Standard tests to ensure our formulas are scientifically effective, time after time, under the toughest conditions.

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