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Intro Sheet

Breakthrough Technology

To create a successful product launch of thenew Rain‑X Quantum wiper blades at Pep Boys,
please visit the ADP Portal and take the Rain‑X® training to help you and your associates learn more about this Rain‑X® premium beam blade

Included In This Kit:

  • Upsell Cards: Contains the features and benefits of the new Rain‑X® Quantum blade (Place them near registers)
  • 5-in-1 Pens: Share with retail associates.
  • End Cap Shelf Talker: Place over the Rain‑X Quantum wiper blades. Instructions included.


• Visit the ADP Portal and complete the three steps below for a chance to win a FREE prize.
• Must complete training by October 30, 2020.

  1. STEP 1: Watch theRain‑X® Quantum Video
  2. STEP 2:Complete the quiz
  3. STEP 3:Enter your contact information

Training also available in Spanish


  • RAIN-X® Bose soundlink + $500 Visa Gift Card (1 WINNER)
  • PAIR OF RAIN-X® QUANTUM WIPER BLADES (100 WINNERS- 40 Store managers, 60 Associates)
  • $25 VisaGift Cards (100 winners)

Official rules available on ADP Portal



Water Repelling Coating

Blade Change Indicator

POG Shelf Talker Instructions
1. Remove adhesive from the shelf talker.
2. Attach the shelf talker to the CENTER of the hang bar on the Rain‑X Quantum wiper blade POG