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Preventative care is key in extending the life of your engine. Learn the ins and outs on what it takes to maintain the health of your vehicle and keep it running at its peak.

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Carbon Deposits Robbing Your Vehicle’s Performance?

No matter how advanced the fuel, the harsh conditions of combustion in the fuel system inevitably result in carbon deposits. This lowers performance and fuel economy. To restore performance, the deposits must be removed. Gumout® Multi-System Tune-Up (MTSU) is the most efficient way to remove performance-robbing carbon deposits.


10 September 2020 How to Pass Your Emissions Test

In many states, emissions test is required annually if you intend to drive your car legally on the road. It helps calculate the number of harmful gases being released into the environment through normal operation of your vehicle. It is not possible to completely rid our cars these gases, but it is well within our […]

1 September 2020 Causes of Power Loss and How to Fix it

A vehicle’s engine produces power by using a mixture of air and fuel to achieve combustion. The energy produced, as a result of the combustion, is then transferred to the wheels and the car moves. It is the job of the engine to perform this function repeatedly with maximum efficiency. However, due to several reasons, […]

28 August 2020 The Benefits of Using A Fuel System Cleaner

What is a fuel system cleaner? The fuel system plays one of the most important roles in a car and that is providing the engine with the nutrients it needs to run – and that is fuel. Without fuel the engine can’t function. Therefore, your car’s fuel system should always be kept in excellent condition […]

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