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The Benefits of Using A Fuel System Cleaner

28 August 2020

What is a fuel system cleaner?

The fuel system plays one of the most important roles in a car and that is providing the engine with the nutrients it needs to run – and that is fuel. Without fuel the engine can’t function. Therefore, your car’s fuel system should always be kept in excellent condition to run efficiently. A fuel system cleaner is product that helps clean the entire fuel system from harmful carbon buildup that can negatively affect your car’s performance and engine health overtime.

Is a fuel system cleaner necessary?

You don’t want your engine to be damaged or jittery from an intermittent supply of fuel or stalling at a crucial moment. Without a fuel system cleaner, your car can experience some or even all these symptoms. Carbon build-up does not happen overnight. It can take as little as a month in a new car for deposits to form causing reduced combustion efficiency. If left unchecked, it can   completely choke up the system, which is a primary reason older cars don’t perform like they did when they were new. Therefore, using a fuel system cleaner is also a good preventative practice that can inhibit your fuel system from forming these power robbing deposits in the first place.

Benefits of a Fuel System Cleaner

Although fuel system cleaners can help with restoring lost performance and extending engine life, how well fuel additives work depends on both the quality and quantity of the ingredients. Gumout fuel system cleaners use premium formulations which help clean deposits after just one use and improve engine performance immediately. Our products have built-for-purpose formulations and can deliver a variety of cleaning, conditioning and preventative benefits.

Using a fuel system cleaner can help:

  • Maximize Fuel Economy
  • Fight Rust & Corrosion
  • Reduce Friction & Wear
  • Improve Horsepower and Performance
  • Fix Hard Starts
  • Extend Engine Life

How to Use a Fuel System Cleaner

Add an entire bottle to a nearly empty gasoline tank, then fill the tank with gasoline. For best results, do not refill tank until near empty.

How often should you use a fuel system cleaner

You should use a fuel system cleaner every 3,000 miles as part of your routine maintenance schedule and preventative care efforts.

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