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Safety, Reliability, and Cost Effectiveness.

22 July 2020


Can we talk car care for a minute? Last year my husband and I purchased a used car after months of research and spreadsheets. (Yes lol we had a spreadsheet comparing our options.) Outside of aesthetics three things were important in our car choice: Safety, Reliability, and Cost Effectiveness. We ultimately settled on a vehicle that had all of these features and plan to keep the vehicle as long as it makes sense. One thing I overlooked was the importance of protecting our investment outside of insurance. While we detail our car and get the regularly scheduled services suggested by the dealer, there are things you can do in the interim that help extend the life of your engine as well as reap other benefits. We recently added @Gumout Regane Complete Fuel System Cleaner to our regular maintenance. By adding it to your gas tank every 3,000 miles it helps extend the life of your engine while maximizing power and fuel economy by preventing and removing deposits. The way I look at it is, it doesn’t hurt to be preventative so that you can minimize costly, unnecessary repairs that can come from poor engine care. You can purchase any of Gumout’s auto products at Amazon, Walmart or an Auto store near you. #GumoutPartner#Ad