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Carbon Deposits Robbing Your Vehicle’s Performance?

1 February 2016

Learn the science behind Gumout® Multi-System Tune-Up

No matter how advanced the fuel, the harsh conditions of combustion in the fuel system inevitably results in carbon deposits. This lowers performance and fuel economy. To restore performance, the deposits must be removed. Gumout® Multi-System Tune-Up (MTSU) is the most efficient way to remove performance-robbing carbon deposits.

What makes this product so powerful and unique is the scientifically-formulated blend of premium cleaning and
conditioning ingredients. The most important is polyetheramine (PEA), a nitrogen-based detergent that remains stable under the extreme heat and pressure of combustion, while effectively removing unwanted carbon deposits. With temperatures as high as 495 degrees, the combustion chamber is extremely difficult to clean. Only PEA remains stable enough in high heat to remove carbon deposits in this environment.

Other detergents simply burn up without effectively cleaning piston tops, cylinder heads or direct injectors. That’s why any truly effective fuel system cleaner should contain PEA. PEA also thoroughly cleans the other vital parts of the fuel system, such as intake valves and ports, carburetors and port injectors.Multi-System Tune-Up’s effective formula is full of additional additives that will help extend engine life. Powerful antioxidants for fuel and oil stabilization can keep varnish from developing on metal parts, particularly useful in engines that are used less often. Corrosion inhibitors prevent part degradation that can occur as a result of ethanol/water phase separation.

Gumout® also uses stronger concentrations of ingredients to ensure their effectiveness. Formulas are tested in independent labs, on the track and on the street to ensure they meet the tough performance, industry and safety standards.