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Racing Profiles

16 May 2016

Winners don’t look for excuses.
They look for a competitive edge.


Professional drivers — at least the ones standing at the top of the podium — don’t put much faith in marketing slogans or
fancy packaging. They believe in numbers. In science. In objective facts.

Science is what separates Gumout® performance additives from competitors. In turn, that advantage ends up separating the pros from their competitors.

Formula DRIFT Series driver Ryan Tuerck is a big believer in the facts and numbers. One of the top young drivers in the Series, Tuerck was first attracted to Gumout® by the performance advantages their products offer. They have been proven in the lab, on the street, and on the track. “I only use premium parts and products,” he said. “Second-best doesn’t win.”

This season, with the help of Gumout® performance additives, Tuerck and his Gumout® Scion by Toyota FRS will be pushing the limits in high-RPM horsepower. While other racers may sacrifice engine efficiency to the heat and friction of redline racing, Tuerck will rely on Gumout’s friction modifiers to help get the most out of his engine. These active ingredients lubricate fuel system components to preserve top-end horsepower in the face of extreme conditions.

The technology isn’t only useful for professional drivers like Tuerck, though. Engineered to maximize performance, Gumout® is even more effective in the average garage, and in all types of engines, from daily drivers to lawnmowers.

Gumout® performance additives utilize advanced chemistry and the highest quality formulations. When corrosion and carbon deposits from fuel reduce a fuel system’s efficiency, Gumout® uses unique detergent compounds like P.E.A. (poly-etheramine) in their top-end products to clean existing deposits, and prevent future carbon build-up for up to 3,000 miles. In addition, other additives in their formulations help condition parts against future damage. The result is peak performance and enhanced engine life.

Drifting offers an extreme proving ground for performance additives where many of the performance results can be transferred down to a streetcar level. Tuerck’s highly modified, yet street-legal vehicle, will also test the limits of how much punishment a gasoline-powered engine can endure under harsh conditions of daily driving and occasional hooning.

Regular use of Gumout® performance additives is crucial to the performance of daily drivers even if they aren’t heavily modified. When optimum performance depends on all engine components working in harmony, carbon buildup

and water and ethanol corrosion lead to inefficiency. These inefficiencies can get expensive for car owners, leading to problems like decreased horsepower, fuel economy, and engine life.

Ryan will be putting Gumout to the test on and off the track this year. Coming off a fourth-place finish in the 2015 Formula DRIFT season, Tuerck is one of the early favorites this year, and don’t be surprised to see him on top of the podium celebrating victories.

The 2016 Formula DRIFT Series features eight tour stops at the Pro level, starting in Long Beach, California on April 8. The Series will crown its champion in October, following the final event at “The House of DRIFT” in Irwindale, California.