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Brazilian flex fuels gasoline and alcohol with several content mixtures doesn’t phase separate. Why would NA fuels do? What lacks on former fuels to phase separate, ketones?

24 June 2016

The high alcohol level in flex fuel pulls the water into the fuel and holds it tightly. Pure alcohol and water will mix to form a clear uniform solution in all concentrations. North American fuels contain only about 10% alcohol, so most of the fuel is hydrocarbon. A small amount of water will mix clearly […]

How often should I use Gumout fuel additives?

24 June 2014

All Gumout fuel additives include specific directions for use. But each product has also undergone rigorous “no harm” testing and can be used as often as every fill-up. Our usage recommendations for each product are based on testing in a number of different vehicle types, though the benefits in your vehicle may vary. For best […]

Is there a minimum number of gallons Gumout fuel additives treat?

24 June 2014

The treatment rates vary depending on the product. All additives have directions on the back label. They may also be used in about the same proportions in smaller fuel tanks. However, any additive added to 2-cycle fuel is treating the gasoline, not replacing the oil. Add the full amount of oil recommended by the engine […]

Can I double the amount of additive suggested on the label?

24 June 2014

While we recommend using our fuel additives as directed, each product has been through rigorous “no harm” testing and may be used as often as every tankful. However, a stronger concentration of the product may not provide any additional performance benefit over the recommended dosage.

Are Gumout fuel additives recommended for use in 2-stroke engines?

24 June 2014

Gumout Multi-System Tune-Up is recommended for use in all types of engines. Other Gumout fuel additives may be used at the recommended dilution rate in the gasoline. For example, the 6 oz Regane Complete Fuel System Cleaner treats 21 gallons. To five gallons, use 1.5 oz – or ¼ of the bottle. The rest may […]