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Is Gumout safe for yellow metals? I.E. Copper Fuel line? Is Gumout safe for a diaphram style fuel pump with a neoprene diaphram? Is there a gumout product specifically designed for cleaning out fuel lines/fuel tanks that have long since been “Dry” — as in the issue is less because of gelled gasoline and more grease, dirt, oil possibly that have entered unsealed parts of the system over time?

24 June 2016

Gumout is safe for both copper fuel lines and neoprene diaphragms when diluted in fuel. If dirt and grease has entered the fuel line use the new Gumout® Regane Auto Parts Cleaner Degreaser aerosol which has a straw that can reach deep into the lines. If that is not available use Gumout® Jet Spray Carburetor Cleaner. Beginning with the first tank of gas add a high quality fuel system additive to clean areas the spray may not have reached.