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All engines are calibrated to run on fuel with a specific octane rating. If the octane is too low, fuel can ignite early, causing knocks and pings. In vehicles with knock sensors, lower octane gas can retard timing, reducing performance and fuel economy. Gumout® Octane Booster raises the octane level in gas to restore proper combustion and performance. Learn more about the science behind Gumout.

Octane rating
Best for
Stopping knocks and pings, reduced emissions
US Item #: 800001706
CAN Item #: 800001860

Oxygen sensor safe. Safe for use in turbocharged and supercharged vehicles. Will not void OEM/manufacturer’s warranty. Add entire bottle to nearly empty gasoline tank, then fill tank with up to 15 gallons of gasoline. Use every fill-up.


This product can expose you to chemicals including Naphthalene, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to

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 10 reviews
by Bert on Gumout
What's the benefit?

If I add 1 bottle of Octane Booster to 15 gallons of 87 octane, what is the new octane rating

by DeathRowKingPin on Gumout
Octane Booster

If it boost octane there has to be a level it boost to. It’s just needs to tell us +1 ,+2, +3 per gallon sounds more like scam than legit booster

by Joe on Gumout

What octane does it boost it to?? If I put 93 in my tank and a bottle of your octane boost. What octane would I be at?


Question, is your Octane Booster Ethanol based? I specifically use non-Ethanol based fuels, I' ve been using Octane Boost but it doesn't list if it's Ethanol or non-Ethanol. Thanks

by Shaikh G. Bux on Gumout
Great Gumout Oomph!

Used it on my Mitsubishi Evo X with every fill up the past 2 weeks and enjoying the extra boost!!!

by N.Angarasan on Gumout
Awesome OB

This the first time, I using this product to my bike 110cc Honda, Earlier I was used product STP, but STP has not full fill their performance. Now Gumout Octane Booster has fullfill as they told. I happy with this product, Good Acceleration, Super Power improvement, I was really feel difference. Better than the STP Octane Booster. Thanks and keep it up.

by mary60408 on Gumout
octane booster

i have used this for a year. when my car got older it slowed now it runs like new

by coty83 on Gumout
Great boost for your car.

I bought this because my car has been acting sorta sluggy lately I am very glad I did it kicked the slug right out of there.

by jkw92 on Gumout
smoother, better acceleration

I bought this for my special tuned yamaha R1 and put this in to see if it would help anything and so far it has boosted my horsepower by 6.22 and it's makes it just run smoother than normal less vibration noise lets me get up to speed a lot faster.

by Bo_404 on Gumout
Been using this in my Corvettes for many years

Have owned five Corvettes over a period of 16 years (a '95 LT1, an '02 Z06, a '96 LT4, another '02 Z06, and now an '08 LS3), and have used a bottle of this Gumout product in each car at EVERY fill-up. I highly recommend it.


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