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I have converted my stock fuel system to an aftermarket one. The stock gas tank has been replaced by a fuel cell packed with anti-slosh foam and the cell is made out of plastic. The fuel lines are a rubber lined stainless steel braided line. The fuel pump is also an aftermarket unit that can cover the twin turbos thirst. My questions are as follows. Will pump gas cause any problems with the cell foam, the cell itself or the fuel line material over time with the current amount of gas/alcohol mix? I have run E85 before when the fuel system was stock but now can I run E85 again without worry? One last question. Can I use your products and other’s like fuel system cleaners without worry. All this comes about from the fact that race fuel cells are made to work with race gas and over a short season not in a daily driver.

24 June 2016

All Gumout products are compatible with standard OEM fuel tank components. However, specialty aftermarket or racing components should be tested by the manufacturer. In general if the component is compatible with pump gasoline, it will be compatible with gasoline treated with Gumout®.

If E85 is run in the vehicle the Gumout® product to use is Multi-System Tune-Up. It is designed to be soluble in the high alcohol content of E85. Most other gasoline additives (including Gumout®) are not completely soluble in E85 and may separate from the fuel.

For E0-E10 run any of the Gumout® products. For E85 use Gumout® Multi-System Tune-Up.